What is ARM-ME?

Advocates for Recovery through Medicine (ARM) IS A NATIONAL ORANIZATION OF ADVOCATES for the fair treatment of patients choosing to utilize Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in their recovery from opiate addiction. The most common forms of MAT are the medications Methadone and Buprenorphine (Subutexâand Suboxoneâ). Being a patient with opiate addiction isn’t easy, and being a MAT patient is even harder because of the myths and prejudice that surrounds this form of treatment.  Our advocates are here to HELP! They have a vast knowledge of regulations (Federal and State) governing MAT and have access to a huge network of providers, regulators and advocates all across the United States.  They can be there to speak for patients when they feel they are being mistreated by the clinic, in legal situations or when they are having problems with other healthcare providers.

ARM advocates not only work on individual patient issues but also work diligently against the stigma associated with MAT, for fair and unbiased media coverage about MAT, for patient friendly regulations and for the rights of patients to have access to BEST PRACTICES MAT in Maine.

In recent years Maine has become one of THE most hostile states in the Nation for those in MAT.  Media coverage of events involving MAT has, at times, been un-factual, biased and has played a key role in the furthering of stigma and prejudice associated with Methadone treatment in Maine.  One of ARM-ME’s greatest goals in the coming years will be to expose this type of “reporting” and replace it with more positive information about the great success of MAT in Maine.

Maine’s opiate addiction problems are greater than ever, yet new Methadone clinics are being met with NIMBYism (Not In My BackYard!!) all over the state and there are very few doctors providing Suboxone treatment. ARM-ME is dedicated to advocating for the opening of new clinics in Maine and to educating addiction and medical professionals about MAT.  We also hope to play a vital role in any changes in the Maine regulations for methadone treatment, so they will be more geared towards the INDIVIDUAL PATIENT.

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