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Machete suspect hears voices, suffers hallucinations – Stephen Betts – Rockland – Camden – Knox – The Herald Gazette

Machete suspect hears voices, suffers hallucinations – Stephen Betts – Rockland – Camden – Knox – The Herald Gazette.

Machete suspect hears voices, suffers hallucinations

By Stephen Betts | Oct 01, 2010

(Photo by: Stephen Betts) Joshua Powell talks with attorney William Pagnano during an Oct. 1 hearing in 6th District Court in Rockland.

Rockland — A judge has ordered a mental examination for a 23-year-old Rockland man accused of trying to rob the Rite-Aid pharmacy with a machete.

The attorney for Joshua Powell said his client told him Friday, Oct. 1 that he is hearing voices and suffering hallucinations.

Judge Joseph Field also set bail Oct. 1 at $100,000 cash for Powell on the charge of Class A robbery for the Sept. 30 robbery at the Rockland pharmacy. Assistant District Attorney Lindsay Jones had requested that level of bail.

Attorney William Pagnano, who was the attorney for the day in 6th District Court, said Powell has recently been in and out of the Psychiatric Addiction Recovery Center at Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport.

A police report filed in court states that the dispatch center received a telephone call from a woman at the drive-up window who witnessed a man jump over the pharmacy counter while holding a machete. A pharmacy technician later called police to say they had been robbed.

Deputy Police Chief Wallace Tower and Detective/Sgt. Chris Young were the first to arrive and found Powell, still with the machete, standing by the soda/beer cooler. Powell was ordered at gunpoint to drop the machete, which he did.

The police report states that as Powell was being handcuffed he said, “I had to get attention somehow.”

Powell had three prescription bottles of Endocet on him, a drug that is an opiate and pain reliever.

The pharmacy staff said Powell had been in the store earlier in the week and he told them he lived at the Brunswick Rooms in Rockland.

When he jumped over the counter he told the staff that no one would be hurt but that he wanted the safe opened and for him to be given all the drugs.

Police reviewed the surveillance tape in which he is shown holding the machete with both hands in a menacing way at one of the technicians. The tape shows that after he was given the drugs, Powell jumped back over the counter and went down one of the aisles and consumed some of the drugs before throwing the prescription bottle on the floor.

There were four staff members in the pharmacy area.

One of the customers in the store at the time of the robbery attempt said he was terrified by the incident.

“I was walking down an aisle when this man comes at me, waving a machete,” said Brian Rockett. “I thought I was going to die.”

Rockett said the man was mumbling something but he couldn’t understand the words. The suspect was within a few inches of him and Rockett said he moved fast to get out of the man’s way.

Rockett said he then saw Young pull his gun and disarm the man.

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