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September 3 Letters to the Editor – Bangor Daily News

Problems at Acadia

I have read the recent pieces concerning workplace problems at Acadia Hospital. I have also read many comments posted in response. (I recommend readers pay close attention to the discussion.)

What emerges is a picture of a troubled institution radically different from the place in which I was fortunate enough to facilitate reading and discussion groups several years ago.

Dr. Paul Tisher, then-chief medical officer, had participated in the long-running reading and discussion group at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Dr. Tisher was sure members of the staff at Acadia would want to participate in this project, and he was right.

For two years, I led discussions with a wide range of staff at Acadia, from the chief operating officer to the person in charge of the methadone program. The level of interest, candor, intelligence and professional expertise was remarkable.

Attendance was voluntary. The meetings came at the end of a long day for Acadia staff, but they were more than ready to discuss texts chosen because they brought the perspectives of the humanities to their work and to their professional development.

It is clear that things have changed at Acadia. From Meg Haskell’s articles, and even more from comments by e-mail, I understand Dr. Tisher is gone, that many longtime staff members have left and that the atmosphere has changed.

Something has gone seriously wrong at Acadia Hospital, and its problems seem much broader and deeper than a dispute about restraint policies.

Ruth Nadelhaft


via September 3 Letters to the Editor – Bangor Daily News.

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