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Date change to Public Hearing in Maine re: Rate cut

Readers: the below rate cut for Mainecare will result in many people in Maine with opiate addiction not having access to good methadone treatment services.  It may result in patients losing treatment, being denied treatment or having treatment services decreased!  Maine has a huge population of opiate addicted people.  About 4000 of them are currently treated with methadone.  70% of those patients are on Mainecare. Many of these people are working poor who qualify for Mainecare NOT because they don’t work, but because they don’t earn enough to pay for insurance or medical care.

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This is a second notice of a proposed rule for MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapters II & III, Section 65, Behavioral Health Services.

Please note: The hearing date for this rule was previously advertised as August 2; however, it was necessary to re-propose this rule because the hearing was rescheduled to August 16.

Proposed rules are issued to the public for review and comment.  These rules may change before finally adopted.

RULE TITLE OR SUBJECT: Chapter 101, MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapters II & III, Section 65, Behavioral Health Services

CONCISE SUMMARY: This rule making will permanently adopt emergency rules that were put into effect 7/1/2010 pursuant to the supplemental budget, LD 1671, Part OOO, § OOO-1, resulting in a 2% (two percent) reduction in Children’s Home and Community Based Treatment and Collateral Contacts and a 10% (ten percent) reduction in Family Psychoeducation Treatment Program Services, Neurobehavioral Status exam, Psychological testing, and Opioid Treatment.  Additionally, the proposed rule adopts specific eligibility requirements for services beyond seventy two (72) quarter hour units of service in a service year for Mental Health Outpatient Services.


Date:                          August 16, 2010, 2:00 PM

Location:                 Conference Room # 1A

Department of Health and Human Services

MaineCare Services

442 Civic Center Drive

Augusta, ME

Any interested party requiring special arrangements to attend the hearing must contact the agency person listed below before July 30, 2010.

DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS:           Comments must be received by midnight, August 26, 2010.

AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Ginger Roberts-Scott, Comprehensive Health Planner

AGENCY NAME: MaineCare Services

ADDRESS: 442 Civic Center Drive

11 State House Station

Augusta, Maine  04333-0011

TELEPHONE: (207) 287-9365

FAX: (207) 287-9369

TTY: 1-800-606-0215 or 207-287-1828 (Deaf or Hard of Hearing)

The Division of Policy posts all proposed and recently adopted rules on MaineCare’s website.  This website keeps the proposed rules on file until they are finalized and until the Secretary of State website is updated to reflect the changes.  The MaineCare Benefit Manual is available on-line at the Secretary of State’s website.

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