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Bangor Daily News – Letter to the Editor

Alcohol denial

It never fails to surprise me how deep discrimination can run when the word methadone is involved. Last week’s ClickBack comment that associated murder with methadone treatment floored me!

I challenge BDN readers to find one case where someone in methadone treatment murdered someone in Maine. Although we’ve had our share of murders involving drug addicts who lost their way before they found treatment, we have never had a case involving patients in methadone treatment in Maine. However, most murders in Maine involve the use of alcohol in some way, but no one mentioned reducing its sale, limiting its use or even mentioned that its use is involved in more murders than any other drug.

Not only does alcohol play a huge part in many murders in Maine, but also in accidental deaths, child abuse, spousal abuse and many other ills of society. Yet not one comment even mentioned alcohol use as a contributing factor. It just shows how deep denial and prejudice can run in this state.

Kristan Hilchey



via Maine news, events, photos, videos, and blogs – Bangor Daily News – Maineville.

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