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ARM-ME website has recently added a “From Our Director” page HERE.  I am hoping to use the page to keep anyone who is interested informed about what ARM-ME is up to in Maine and across the country!  Each entry will also be listed in this blog–so PLEASE sign up for our email list!

FRIDAY, MAY 4th 2010

I was recently awarded the “Woman in Recovery Leadership Award” at the WASC Silver Tea at the Blaine House in Augusta and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved for choosing me as the award receipiant and talk a little about the experience!

As many people know, this award is a huge move forward for people in Medication Assisted Treatment.  For decades people in methadone treatment have been automatically been discounted as incapable of finding or being in “real” recovery.  Not only has this myth been perpetuated in society and recovery communities, but is also rampant with methadone patients themselves.  They have been stigmatized in the community and even in their own treatment clinics.  Overcoming this sort of discrimination is hard for a person that is stable and able to handle stress, but for a newly recovering  addict, nearly impossible to overcome without help from supportive and capable treatment providers.Thankfully, my medication assisted recovery was graced with a clinic that had both in spades (CAP Quality Care), a counselor (thank you EMILY and now CAROL!) whom I adore and a mentor in the recovery community that never questioned whether being on methadone made me incapable of finding recovery (thank you Deb!)

The unfortunate truth is that most patients in methadone treatment (and now Suboxone treatment) are not nearly as lucky as I have been.  They have to overcome their addiction (no small feat all by itself) while also fighting with their families about their treatment, while encountering discrimination repeatidly in society, while dealing with the daily intrusion of the clinic on their schedules and then without having access to a community (and sometimes a clinic) that offers the support, encouragement and resources they need.  Many patients find themselves in a weird nether world between the active recovery culture and the active addiction culture they know so well.

So, although I feel a bit self serving by bragging about the award here–I also feel like it’s my duty to let people know that if they go looking and are willing to stand up for themselves and others like them, we really CAN change the way methadone treatment is viewed in the world.

Thank you!

  1. June 21, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    We are so glad this was helpful! Please let us know if we can be of anymore help during your move! check out the webpage as well for other information:

  2. June 18, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    may be moving to maine in july, your blog has helpd me so much. I am hoping to get on the list for suboxene treatment as I have been on sub since Sept of 2009 and never felt better.

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