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Who deserves treatment? Rant for the day!

I think that as patients that are doing well in methadone treatment it is TOO EASY for us to FORGET that WE are actually not the patients that NEED the most help.  In actuality, methadone just makes our recovery possible, its not a matter of LIFE AND DEATH most days.

For instance: who needs insulin more?  The person who is easily and capably handling their diet-or someone who is un-able to stop eating foods that are literally destroying their body–OR someone who is unwilling to give up foods they enjoy?  Should it really be up to ANYONE else to judge what is or isn’t the right way to live your life–and more to the point is it up to anyone else to decide who is worthy of LIVING OR DYING simply because they don’t have the “self control” that people equate with being STRONG–but really has nothing to do with how strong you are…..if I stopped myself from doing everything I enjoyed doing just to prove how strong I am–what the hell would be the point of LIVING?  And with addiction we aren’t even talking about simple “likes and dislikes” of normal life.  We are talking about a desire to do something that is so strongly engrained in our being that it is as strong a desire as going to the bathroom…and just as uncontrollable for some people!

What if we let everyone who speeds and gets into a car accident DIE ?
If someone smokes, should we deny them chemo when they get lung cancer?
If you get the clap the first time you have sex, should we deny you antibiotics, because you shouldn’t have been enjoying your body?

It is too easy for patients to forget that methadone is actually a life saving medication, not just a matter of an “easier route” to recovery….and if you always remember that, you will never have a hard time remembering that NO ONE deserves to DIE because they had the MISFORTUNE of becoming addicted!.

Remember–there are many people who judge you as not sober and undeserving of medical treatment, housing, employment and children SIMPLY BECAUSE YOUR ON METHADONE.  So it’s very ironic and counter-productive for you to be judging ANY ONE elses reasons for being at a methadone clinic.  No matter what-they are there to make there LIVES BETTER.  They may not be getting YOUR ideal benefits out of treatment, but no matter what, they are getting SOME benefit.

Imagine if only the people that exercised, ate grass and tea and took their glucose levels ten times a day were allowed to have insulin-or only people that were raped were allowed STD treatment–or treatment for cervical cancer (which is essentially an STD) was only given to those that got it because their spouse cheated.

Do we really want to be the kind of country that decides who is “worthy” of life saving medical treatments and who is not”?  And more to the point-who the hell is all knowing all powerful enough to be the end all be all of those decisions–and what if they decided YOU weren’t worthy of methadone in the process?

Kristan Hilchey

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