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Methadone Maintenance for Prisoners: 12-Month Post-Release Outcomes

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Inmates randomly assigned to pre-release induction (to 60 mg methadone) and transfer to community-based MMT had significantly better outcomes than those provided “counseling and passive referral” after discharge and those with “counseling and transfer” to MMT. In sum, those transferred for continuation of methadone treatment begun before release had a mean of 166 days in treatment during the 12-month period of observation, compared to 91 days and 23 days for those offered counseling and transfer or counseling plus “passive referral”, respectively. Urine tests positive for opioids and for cocaine (!) were also significantly less in those receiving methadone pre-release than in the other groups.. It is noted that these results “support the effectiveness of prison-initiated methadone for males in the US” – and the studies cited go back 40 years. It is not stated whether the Baltimore prison system, where the study was carried out, has adopted a practice of offering all inmates with history of opioid dependence pre-release methadone maintenance induction and transfer. Article by Kinlock et al, J Subst Ab Treatm, 2009, 37:277-285

via ICAAT: In the News.

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