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Waukegan methadone clinic to close — baltimoresun.com


A man walks into a clinic, pretends to be a heroin addict to get methadone….then comes in the next day and lies again, saying his extraordinarily ill and needs MORE methadone….then goes home and takes xanax (which he’s been warned by the clinic NOT to ingest illegally)…..and dies (horribly deadly combination: opiates and benzo’s)……and this is the clinic’s fault?  This is addiction: it’s not pretty and it’s not cool! But it’s even sicker that we are scapegoating the people that were trying to help!

  1. August 30, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    Addiction is truly a horrible disease. An addict can do very dangerous things to get high including adding another drug that can kill him or her. It is sad when this happens despite all the warnings by parents, schools, DARE, & etc., about the dangers of abusing drugs.

  2. woodbutcher
    August 29, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    So since 1 addict that could not or would not follow specific instructions on what med’s not to mix with the methadone he was prescribed they want to close a clinic and put god knows how many people out in the street to fend for themselve’s .. if a person went to a hospital and was prescribed opiates for an injury and he went home and mixed that with benzo’s and died they would not close the hospital. so why is it even being considered ?? because addicts are now the new minority in america . we are the red headed step child of the minority’s in america. we are ez target’s for discrimination and law enforcment abuse. If some one is truly concerned for addicts health and saftey then i am sure there are many needle exchange’s that could use a hand

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