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Recovering Women’s Leadership Training

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I want to take a minute to tell everyone about a project I have been working on with MAAR, which is a advocacy recovery organization I am proud to say has been a huge supporter of ARM-ME’s efforts.

I have participated in the actual training myself, and I can honestly say it changed my life.  It definitely changed the way I view relationships with other women, but more importantly it changed the way I think about myself and my own power to change the world.

Last weekend I participated in a training to be a facilitator for this training…so we can bring it to all parts of Maine.  I am so excited about this project!

Recovering Women’s Leadership Training
The curriculum for this training was developed and evaluated under the direction of Dr. Hortensia Amaro, site director of the SAMHSA Women, Co-occurring Disorders and Violence Study at the Boston Consortium of Services for Women and Families in Recovery. It is a peer-led model in which recovering women facilitate training with recovering women. See this link for more about the curriculum:
This is a training series that has been used to empower recovering women over the past several years in New Hampshire by the NH Taskforce on Women & Recovery. It is a strengths based model that helps women:
• Find your voice- Understand the role that surviving abuse and trauma plays in the lives of recovering women. Overcome the silencing effects of trauma and the cycle of addiction in your own life and the lives of your loved ones.
• See yourself as a leader- Identify your own leadership skills, the qualities of leaders that you admire, and your role as a leader in your family, your community and your recovery.
• Making self care priority- Learn how to balance your needs with the needs of others to ensure ongoing recovery. Recognize and utilize your survival skills.
• Learn boundaries and how to manage disclosure – How much is too much information and when and what is it safe to share? Learn how to identify goals and objectives when telling your story while feeling safe and in control.
• Be your own best advocate – Learn how to ask for what you need for yourself or your children. Advocate for more services that support families in recovery. Unite with other women with common experiences and dreams.
 RWLT helps you see your vision for health and wholeness and find your inner strengths.
 RWLT helps end isolation by bringing women in recovery together
to share their courage and wisdom.
These training workshops are offered free of charge and MAAR strives to reduce barriers for women who wish to attend this training series.
Our next steps are to provide a Train the Trainer series for women who have completed one of the first workshops & then to create opportunities for Maine Women to facilitate these trainings throughout our state! Call Deb Dettor at (207)458-4366 or email ddettor@masap.org for more information

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