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Province makes smart move on methadone – Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada

It’s so nice to read so many positive stories and commentaries on this new clinic in Canada.  Imagine, a police chief played a huge role in all of this!

The province’s decision to offer opiate addicts easier access to methadone treatment is a judicious move that will ultimately save taxpayers’ money.

Make no mistake, it will not address the underlying problems that contribute to addiction: the cycle of poverty, parental neglect and abuse, and mental health disorders. But at a minimum it will help give addicts who bang or snort Dilaudid a much better chance to kick the habit and become productive members of society.

Experts say that treating addicts costs $6,000 and $10,000 a year, whereas an untreated addict can cost society on average $49,000 a year, just to process them through the justice system.

There’s also a human cost that can’t be tallied: the wrecked lives of addicts and crime victims.

The government should be applauded for eradicating the waiting list for methadone and beginning to address this scourge that hurts so many.

via telegraphjournal.com – Province makes smart move on methadone – Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada.

  1. Debby
    January 6, 2011 at 3:24 am

    Living in the USA & trying to locate treatment for myself in the Manassas VA. area has been so frustrating & no help to be found! All I want to do is to get tx. for myself so that I can get back to living a productive life! I have been on MMT for many years, & also very happy years. To shorten this a bit, I had to move from my home in New Jersey after my father died after a long illness. I have moved to Manassas,VA. to move in with my sister who is also quite ill. I need treatment, & am willing to talk to or communicatewith anyone. Thank You

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