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The deadly epidemic no one’s addressing – The Boston Globe

The deadly epidemic no one’s addressing – The Boston Globe.

I definitely wouldn’t say that no one is addressing this issue…I think everyone knows its a problem.  But no one can agree on the SOLUTION! Probably because there is no easy solution….like many problems.

  1. May 13, 2009 at 8:46 am

    I agree Lou. Its frustrating, confusing and HARD to understand unless you’ve been there. I think mental illness suffers many of the same problems….why can’t they just STOP washing their hands? Why can’t they just tell the voice in their head to SHUT UP? Why can’t you just GET OUT OF BED in the morning like the rest of us? Why can’t you just decide to stop being SAD? We are finally at a point in the US where saying that to someone with mental illness would be in “poor taste” because it makes absolutely no sense when you look at the “science” behind mental illness…..but we are slow moving to accept this about addiction because it starts with a voluntary action. Although, if people truly looked at it, they would see many illnesses/injuries starts SOMEHOW with a voluntary action…it doesn’t make them any less TREATABLE.

    I remember listening to a speak at a Harm Reduction conference that was there because his brother is part of the Law Enforcement against Prohibition group. The speaker was a paralysed from the waste down….who lost his ability to walk because he CHOSE to climb a mountain he KNEW was dangerous. He asked the group in front of him why it was that he now has all his medical care paid for, a disability check each month and support at every turn…..but an addict is left to fend for himself after making a similar choice to engage in a risky behavior that led to an injury of the “brain”. He went on to say that you could even argue that an addict had less control over the situation than he did by climbing the mountain…because there was nothing in his genetics that made him predisposed to falling off a mountain, but addiction is complicated by genetics.

    Any way, its an interesting thought!

  2. Lou
    May 11, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    This is a well written article. However, when I read the comments many were not about the article. It was people with their own political agendas–high taxes, government heath care, addicts do it to themselves–all the same stuff you hear over and over. It seems no matter how well addiction and treatment are explained, people read their prejudices into it.
    Very discouraging.

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