Letter to the Editor


From: Ed Bowman, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Waskom

According to multiple sources, including the mayor’s office, the Methadone Clinic of East Texas will expand operations to Waskom. They have built a facility on Spur 156 while applying for the necessary federal licensing.

In 2007 several local citizens opposed the move. Waskom’s Ministerial Association met with the mayor’s office and members of The Methadone Clinic of Tyler to determine the pro’s and con’s of the business venture. At that time it was determined the majority of citizens opposed it.

Part of the reason for local concern is found the report from the National Conference of State Legislatures. It states that the “methadone-related poisoning deaths has increased 468 percent since 1999, compared to a 66 percent increase in overall poisoning deaths.”

Because Waskom has no zoning regulations the city has nothing in place to halt such a move. Mayor Jesse Moore had expressed concern but since there are no zoning restrictions there is little the city can do, according to Moore.

It is purported that this business venture into Waskom is to tap into the lucrative methadone market in Shreveport. Sources in Shreveport Louisiana were contacted regarding a moratorium on methadone clinic expansions by the state government.

On May 7 at 6:30 PM the Ministerial Association, at its regular meeting, will discuss the issue with local ministers and concerned citizens. That meeting will take place at First Presbyterian Church of Waskom at 315 W. Texas Ave.

via Our readers write.

This is so maddening!  If you want people to stop dying of methadone overdoses, then give them treatment close to home so they don’t have to try “doing it themselves” and overdosing!  Do these crazy people not understand that methadone is given out every single day at every pharmacy in town already?

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