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Accused painkiller thief headed back to jail – Fosters

Accused painkiller thief headed back to jail – Fosters.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Douglas Gray

DOVER — The Milton man suspected of robbing Farmington and Rochester pharmacies of oxycodone had his bail revoked Friday after testing positive for opiates six days after being released from jail.

Douglas Gray, 37, of 139 Pineland Park, will have to stay in the Strafford County House of Corrections pending a bail review hearing.

He appeared in Strafford County Superior Court Friday for such a hearing after being taken into custody for violating bail conditions.

He’s facing two felony robbery charges for allegedly stealing prescription painkillers from Rite Aid pharmacies, first in Farmington on Dec. 29, 2008, and in Rochester on Feb. 9.

On April 16, a district court judge found probable cause that Gray likely committed the crimes and bound the case over to the higher court.

However, the judge also found the evidence presented by the prosecution to be “weak” and reduced Gray’s bail from $10,000 cash to personal recognizance with Community Corrections monitoring and drug testing.

Six days later, however, Gray tested positive for opiates, according to Assistant County Attorney Alysia Cassotis. He was not taken into custody at that time, and four days later he left his home without permission and went to Massachusetts, Cassotis said. Upon his return, he told corrections officers he ingested a number of pills in an attempt to commit suicide, Cassotis said.

Community Corrections placed him in hospital care overnight after the alleged suicide attempt and a drug test the next day came back clean. Cassotis said Gray later admitted to lying about the suicide attempt to receive treatment for his drug addiction. She said he claimed the trip to Massachusetts was to check himself in to a treatment facility but was turned away.

“The state feels that Mr. Gray has had his chance on supervision,” Cassotis said.

Judge Peter Fauver agreed, saying Community Corrections is an “opportunity” and he has “no confidence” Gray will comply with bail conditions.

“By your own admission, he has a serious problem. He’s a drug addict,” Fauver said to Gray’s attorney, Kimberly Shoen.

Shoen argued her client was “someone who is trying to get clean.” She suggested the jail’s therapeutic community program might be appropriate for Gray, and while Fauver said Gray could apply for the program he would not order the defendant’s entry into it.

Gray has not been indicted on the robbery charges. The state has 90 days to indict from the time of a finding of probable cause, unless it files for an extension.

Gray’s co-defendant in the case is 24-year-old Jocelyn Brown, also of 139 Pineland Park, who allegedly acted as the getaway driver for the robberies. Her case has also been bound over to Superior Court and she is currently receiving addiction treatment at a facility in Connecticut.

It is so sad that this man is there–READY FOR TREATMENT–but will be sent back to jail instead….where most inmates will agree, it is just as easy to obtain drugs as it is on the street…if not more so for opiate addicts moving up to heroin from pills. They admit the case against him is “weak”, yet they are allowing him to be held for no other reason then an attempt to get treatment out of state?  They tested him and he was negative!

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