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Drug disaster – Vallejo Times Herald

Drug disaster

Posted: 04/13/2009 09:44:22 AM PDT

People who support drug prohibition usually have little knowledge of the disastrous effects of America’s drug crusade. Most people who favor drug laws have no idea that all of our current “drug problems” come from a lunatic drug war that has continuously failed for more than 90 years. History clearly shows that there was no such thing as “drug crime,” “drug gangs” or “criminal drug cartels” before drug prohibition. All of the crime, death, disease and murder associated with drugs began after the drugs were outlawed.

Think about it for a minute. Before drug prohibition our only drug problem was some addicts who may or may not have liked the long term effects of opiate addiction. However, their personal problems were their own problems until drug crusaders vowing to “save people from themselves” came along and began throwing drug users into prison “for their own good.” Up until then drug users were upstanding citizens who worked regular jobs, raised decent families and committed no crimes. Now most of the crime in the country is drug prohibition related. Supporting drug prohibition requires ignoring the fact that our prisons are now overloaded with drug users, not violent criminals.

Sensible people want America’s destructive drug policies ended.

Ralph Givens

Daly City

via Drug disaster – Vallejo Times Herald.

What do YOU think?

(the below opinion is from one of our contributers: Kristan Hilchey. It is not nessecarily the view of ARM)

Some people believe more people will use drugs if they become l…but if they aren’t as dangerous (by taking out the purity and secretative issues) does it matter if more people experiment…as long as more people aren’t dying?  Is stopping people from doing things with their own bodies worth the harm and pain that comes from the WAR ON DRUGS?  For that matter, does it really ever stop people from using drugs?

Its like offering condoms to people.  Will more people have sex if they know it’s “safer”?  Most likely.  But if it’s safe sex, is it as important to prevent it?  If it’s occurring in consenting adults, is it our job to prevent it?  Even if it were our job to prevent it, would outlawing sex between two unmarried people really stop them from having sex…or would it just make it more dangerous because they didn’t have access to condoms and had to do it “underground”.

It’s the same idea for any “human nature” we try to outlaw.  We start out by saying we have to do whatever is nessecary to make people live by someone elses values… we end up making things so much worse.  It didn’t stop us from drinking or smoking.  It doesn’t stop prostitution.  It doesn’t stop pre-marital sex.  It didn’t stop abortion.

You’d think after all the failed attempt at controlling human behavoir we would have figured it out by now.

I would love to hear differing or similar opinions.

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