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The Second Road Family » Thank You

The Second Road Family » Thank You.

Which people that you don’t even know and will never see again would you thank, if you could, for not judging and lending a hand when you needed them the most? We thank the people who were close to us all the time, but sometimes the kindness of strangers reminds us we are still human.

Thank YOU, Lou.

I would thank the judge who knew that I was scared, weak and sick and gave me a chance anyway.

I would thank the woman who caught me at a water fountain swallowing the entire  contents of a prescription bottle (that I had just picked up) while still  at the pharmacy because I couldn’t even wait to get to the car. She gave me a knowing look and said  “I know your in pain”.  She didn’t turn me in.

I would thank the homeless man who asked me for some change and then ran across the street to a liquer store when I handed him five bucks–for reminding me that it could get much worse before it got better.

I would thank the older man at a party who saw a young girl of 19 who’s jaw could not stop swaying and eyes could not close and begged her not to leave because he knew she could very well overdose on cocaine at any minute.

I would thank the man that refused to sell me cigarettes when I was 9mo pregnant . I was about to poison my daughter just because I was having a bad day and I hadn’t had a cigarette in 8mos.

  1. Lou
    February 12, 2009 at 3:18 am

    and thank you, K. I’ll bet there were more strangers (angels?) that you don’t remember.
    And thank you for giving me the promise of recovery. I believe.

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