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Porte_Starke Spreads Word About Its Methadone Clinic

This is about a methadone clinic in Gary, Indiana. I think it’s a great idea! More positive things need to be heard about methadone. 🙂


By Teresa Auch Schultz

January 28, 2009 – Porter-Starke Services is ready to start spreading the word about its methadone clinic and is doing so in one of the busiest areas of the region.A new billboard in Interstate 94 announces the clinic, which has been open for almost a year, and is the  first foray into openly advertising the clinic that the group has taken.

Camen Arlt, director of addiction services, said Porter-Starke has decided to go ahead finally with advertising, after relying mostly on word-of-mouth, because the clinic was running smoothly and everyone was comfortable with the process.

“We are ready to rock and roll,” she said.

The group chose to do a billboard on the interstate because of its high traffic, Bob Franko, vice president of marketing and development for Porter-Starke, said, although Porter-Starke has stayed away from advertising so far, he said, officials knew from the beginning they would have to eventually start building community awareness about it.

The billboard, which can be seen about a mile before the Lake Station exit when headed east on the  interstate, has a red and white background with a headline that says “Addicted to opiates?” Underneath , it lists Porter-Starke Services Methadone Treatment Center and contact information.

“We were very, very conservative about how we were getting the information out,” Franko said. “We didn’t want to raise a big stink about it.”The billboard, which was put up Jan. 19, is already showing results. Arlt said six or seven people have come to the clinic, saying they didn’t know about it until they saw the billboard. The clinic has 67 patients but can handle up to about 300.

For now, this is the only formal advertising Porter-Starke is doing for the clinic and the billboard is contracted to last fr three months, with each month costing about $1,000, Franko said. It’s likely although, that Porter-Starke will try to do another billboard in a second location later on this year, he said.

The clinic also is doing some word-of-mouth advertising, going to local doctors, emergency rooms and even street hangouts to start letting people know about the clinic, Arlt sai.

“Wherever we know there’s a lot of drug traffic, we;ll go down physically and hand out pamphlets,” she said.

Although the advertising could also attract drug dealers who see the clinic as a concentrated base of clients, Arlt said she wasn’t worried because of the clinic’s numerous indoor and outdoor cameras.

For more information contact Teresa Auch Schultz at 477-6015 or tauch@post-trib.com.

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  1. billiesowers
    January 30, 2009 at 10:27 am

    Yes that is good.

  2. January 29, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    Carmen Alt (the owner of this clinic) is actually also an advocate like us, Billie.

    Our new clinic in Rockland ME (Turning Tide) was also opened by a patient/advocate.

    It’s wonderful when a patient gets treatment, gets better and then moves on to help others.

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