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Drug-related death leads to murder charge – Bangor Daily News

This makes me absolutely nuts!  MURDER?  And leave it to BDN to mention “in liquid form” when they don’t even have the toxicology reports back yet!  This case, so far, is based entirely on:  “I heard from someones so and so that he said that she said that he was on methadone and xanax”.

This is an insult to citizens who believe in “free will”.

Drug-related death leads to murder charge

HOULTON, Maine — As a result of an investigation into the apparent fatal overdose of a local man earlier this week, David Goodall, 25, of Cary has been arrested and charged with murder and aggravated unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs, according to Houlton police.

Responding to a call of a drug overdose at about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday at an apartment on Military Street, police and rescue personnel found the body of 26-year-old Clayton Codrey lying on the floor next to his bed, according to Police Chief Butch Asselin.

Police officers at the scene determined that Codrey had ingested 10 to 20 doses of Xanax and up to 100 milligrams of methadone in liquid form at some point before going to bed about 8 p.m. Monday, Asselin said in a news release Friday.

Codrey’s girlfriend, Durene Jones, 39, of Houlton, found him unresponsive at 7:20 the next morning and called 911 about an hour later, after attempts were made to resuscitate Codrey, according to the release.

With the help of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Houlton police processed the scene and interviewed people who had been at the apartment Monday night and Tuesday morning. After their investigation, Houlton police arrested Goodall, who remained incarcerated Friday at the Aroostook County Correctional Facility in Houlton pending arraignment, according to Asselin.

Police have also summoned Brandy Hartt, 21, of Benedicta in connection with the case for unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs, the release said. It added that she is hospitalized, but did not specify for what or where.

Another arrest is expected, pending a toxicology report from the state medical examiner’s office in Augusta, where Codrey’s body was taken, Asselin said. That report likely won’t be available for two to three weeks.

“Codrey’s death was unfortunate and tragic but most importantly, it was totally preventable,” Asselin said in the news release. He added that “people have to be held accountable for their criminal actions particularly when there is injury or death involved.”

He said the case was put together quickly because of the efforts of Detective Carolyn Crandall and Officers Jared Sylvia and Kristin Calaman of the Houlton Police Department, the help of MDEA Special Agent Shawn Gillen and the cooperation of the District Attorney’s Office.

Asselin expects the case will be brought before the next grand jury.

via Drug-related death leads to murder charge – Bangor Daily News.

  1. melissa
    February 20, 2010 at 8:24 am

    dave goodall used to be my best friend and honestly i have not known him since he got this far into drugs but i know him as a person and i know he is dying inside this happened and i think help is what everyone involved should get he is not a bad person and he just went down the wrong road he sold the drugs but did not force him to take them in this world today drugs are a sad reality and its tragic all the way around but murder is to harsh and to sit there and call him a murder he did not mean to kill him he was doing what all adicts do sell make money to get more and help thoughs who feel as if they need it i am crying inside because how much i knew dave and this is what it has come to

  2. George Clarke
    November 25, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    So much turns on the essence of love. Addicts and alcoholics are loved and cared for by many sources. Methadone Clinics, Methadone Patients, 12 Step Groups, Families, Friends, Courts, Doctors, and Policemen are all involved in caring and trying to help those who have this terrible disease.

    I want to thank Durene so much for her courage for expressing her love for her lost one. My heart goes out to all those close and far who suffer for those addicts who still suffer. May they find peace and solice in their time of need and the strength to help others.


  3. November 25, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    Megan–I am so very sorry for your loss.

    ARM-ME exists to prevent exactly what happened to your family, from happening to other families and other addicts. People hear addict and they assume that there is no one in the world that loves them, needs them and wants to help them….but the reality is that for every addict that dies there are huge ripple effects to so many people that loved them.

  4. megan sides
    November 22, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    i am durene jones daughter megan sides, and this death was preventable but the thing is when his own cousin TRAVIS Mickninch was saying oh he has been worse then this he will be fine we listened and we shouldn’t have. I dint know what to do i was only 13 when this happened right infront of me and i didn’t know what was going on all i knew was that he was on something. I stayed with him as long as i could i didnt leave his side until my mom told me to go to bed, but befor i did i helped her and angie travis’s girl friend put him to bed and when we got him to the bed i told him i loved him, and even thoe he was fucked up he still said it back to me. Clayton was like a dad to me i called him dad and he called me his daughter, and that was the way it was supposed to be but thing dont always turn out the way you want them to, and i didn’t want it to turn out like that but what can a 13 year old do? The next morning i got up and got ready for school and when i did i went over to his bed and gave him a kiss on the for head and said i love you, i didn’t know he was gone at the time and if i new he was going to die i would have done some thing about it because i loved him very much and that will never change. I new every thing that went on in that house and i didn’t care just as long as i was with my family. now im at my real dads house and i dont have that family any more just because of STUPID DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i had a chance to go back…..he would still be here right now!

  5. January 22, 2009 at 12:32 am

    Thanks guys!

    My thoughts, exactly!

  6. January 19, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    My take:

    I am thinking of those who were family and friends of this person who passed from an aledged ovedose of two dangerous medications.

    I am concerened for anyone arrested, if they are addicted to opiates and/or Xanax, that they should be given the needed treatment care in jail to help them. It is important to realize that a person incarcerated without proper medication for his or her disease of addiction, risks death and may be so disabled as not to be able to defend himself, even if he confesses to a crime after the verbal warning.

    If I were a newspaper person, the mention of liquid would be an important part of the report. I would of said it differently. “A source reports that it was in liquid form.” and “The police have termed it a “murder” investigation.” It was important to indicate the liquid form and she was used or knew this is a major factor when it comes to clinics, although, there might be another explanation.

    Though this may not be a clinic patient diversion problem, we are all involved in still waiting for even better definitive differences between the potential sources of the diversion of methadone problem, state by state. I seems that most is coming from the Pain patients but it needs the truth of proof. I am very concerned for the person who’s name is on that bottle, let alone the clinic and the patients at the clinic and elsewhere.

    It could as easily been termed a suicide or, as the improper use of prescription medications outside of the directions for use. (The amount of Xanax as reported was ingested is certainly outside of anything normal. It could also have been ingested in spite of that persons’s knowing very well the dangers involved when mixing medications.


    As far as reporting it as a murder… that may be going to far, unless the police have termed it that, which they may have done. That’s good reporting even if it erronius, infamitory, or truth on the part of the police. With my knowledge, I would have been more careful in taking in the portent of other circumstances. In order to do this, one would need to contact the paper and the reporter and be of help in such circunstances. Perhaps a follow up article might be of use. A reporter does not have the background necessary to provide the content we think needs be in the article. I mean, who is she going to call.

    In the public eye, and with the present circumstances, when someone dies of an overdose of heroin or oxycontin… is it “Murder” when that person knowingly self selects to injest a medication or medications that are not legally theirs to injest or are not as prescribed?

    I always keep in mind that in many states the intoxicated driver who leaves a bar and kills another with his car could be sued for damages as could the bar under a dram shop law.

    The Xanax amount is mentioned. This is a very important part of the investigation to me. It is far more than another “Methodone Death” This revalation brings the onus towards the cocktail combination – most likely self induced. This is an important consideration as is the amount of Methadone injested. It may even be beneficial to our cause. This seems to be a very heavy cocktail.

    The person providing the medication, be it by prescription or not, may have never intended to harm and may have even warned the person about abuse of other substances. How that will be termed a murder is beyone me.

    These suppositions have not been a part of this investigation as yet and may well be involved in a court case. The “Murder” seems to be the way the police are pursuing this case this the reporting is accurate.

    I do not know what the charge is being based on at all. More will be revealed.

    And, if indeed this was clinic methadone, I am very concerned for the problems for whom ever may have supplied this medication legally or illegally and for all the good patients and the clinic when just one of patient or employee steps outside of the pass me not ring and injures so many who get great benefit from MAT.

    In my opinion, it is important to realize the truths involved as they show up and to keep in mind the public changes in the perception of MAT and the need to educate the public about the good that MAT does for the individual addict are yet to be realized.

    George Clarke ARM-CT


  7. January 18, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    I just don’t GET these “murder” charges–Are they basing the charge of murder on the fact that the person sold the deceased something which they knew to be potentially dangerous? If so, should not all convenience store clerks and supermarket clerks, etc be rounded up and charged with murder for selling alcohol and tobacco?

    Or, are they basing it on the fact that it is illegal to sell Rx medication? Would they then have the same charge filed against someone who sold or gave their leftover antibiotics to someone who subsequently died from an allergic reaction, etc? Doubtful.

    The crime of muder implies INTENT–if there is no intent to kill, it’s not murder–it may be manslaughter, or involuntary homicide, but not “murder”.

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