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nimbyist’s beware!! Methadone Clinics always WIN!

This is what happens when towns try to keep clinics out…this town is lucky that patients aren’t seeking damages!  The clinic WILL win, this is an obvious and blatant violation of the ADA.

Methadone clinic rejected, approved, rejected

The owners of an Evanston methadone clinic who tried unsuccessfully to open a clinic in Berwyn this year are seeking at least $1 million in damages after filing a federal lawsuit against the city on Nov. 21. The couple also seeks a court order forcing the city to allow the clinic to open, an unspecified amount in compensatory damages, attorneys fees and court costs.

In the civil suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago by clinic owner Elizabeth Buonauro and her husband, Sal R. Sotille, accused the city of Berwyn of violating the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, federal Rehabilitation Act and their 14th Amendment right to equal protection after first approving, then denying, the clinic’s business license.

Plans for the medical clinic in the Depot District in Berwyn earlier this year drew sharp criticism after the initial approval. Their attorney, Robert Carson, said they view it as a denial of civil rights, and that City Council members reacted to community opposition amid thoughts of re-election in spring 2009.

Methadone is a substance often used to treat heroin addicts, and must be distributed by a health care provider.

The clinic was to be at 3245 Grove Ave. Sotille would have served as assistant director and Buonauro as executive director of The Bobby Buonauro Clinic.

Hundreds of protesters packed a municipal parking lot in the 3300 block of Grove Avenue on July 16, near the proposed site of the methadone clinic. Opponents said that they feared drug addicts would come into the area, bringing more crime.

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