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There Is Hope… You Are Not Alone


Learn to cope is a support group for parents and family members dealing with a loved one addicted to heroin, Oxycontin and other drugs.  PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE TO CHECK OUT THE SITE.

It began in 2005 when I needed a place to go to get support for our family and today our son is alive and well, so there is some hope. Currently there is a crisis, an epidemic of OC and Heroin use in Massachusetts. Most of the kids are between 17-25 years old, some start in high school, others have started in college. The rules have changed in society today, because heroin is now in a snort able form and 80-90% pure. Young people do not realize they will become addicted even by just experimenting and it normally begins with crushed up Oxycontin and a bad choice. Even if they have been warned all their lives by their parents about drug use. It doesn’t matter where you live, how you have parented, what your income is …it knows no boundaries and it’s out there. Young people and communities need to be educated on prescription drug use as well as the gateway drugs that can lead them to it. Countless lives have been lost. Learn To Cope is a support group but also plans and facilitates local forums with real world experience to help educate the public in this issue. One life lost is too many. As we all say, addiction doesn’t discriminate and no matter how well you parented your kids, they can make terrible decisions at times that can ultimately ruin their future, many of them didn’t realize what they were dealing with when they tried it, they know now. We are out there warning young people and their parents because this is a community crisis, not just a family’s crisis. As many of us say “By the grace of God go I.” This website was formed to support families and educate them on addiction as well as resources and a “place” to go when feeling desperate or alone and we are here 24/7. Our mission is to support with kindness, care, compassion and empathy. You are not alone.

The opinions expressed on this online message forum are those of the writer, Learn to Cope is not responsible for advice given or taken by a member. Learn to Cope does not substitute counseling. We are parents not professionals. It is not recommended to use your full name or the name or personal information of others. e are an anonymous and safe group.

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  1. Lou
    January 8, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    We are NOT alone, and any way to get the word out is great!

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