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Suboxone and Surgery

Post-op Pain in a Patient on Suboxone | Suboxone Talk Zone: A Suboxone Blog.

One of the scariest events I have faced as both an “overly” tolerant opiate addict and methadone maintenance patient has been SURGERY.

Thankfully, for me, the surgery was a minor laparoscopy that I have had four times now.  Three very tiny holes and (in the scheme of things) minor pain.

However, as a tolerant individual (who un-doubtly used to obsesses about pain more than the “average” person would) I was still scared. Not to mention, the doctor (who supported me through my public “out-ing” as an addict and in methadone treatment) knew very little about pain control in a maintenance patient.  He knew very little about addiction.  He  told me not to worry because he would NOT let me leave the hospital in pain.

Thankfully, I had very little pain and was more achey than anything, because his idea of treating my pain was to give me 7.5mg oxycodone/aceto combo instead of the 5mg oxy/aceto (percocet) he usually prescribes after this procedure.  I admire and respect this man dearly, but if I had had any pain, those wouldn’t have done the trick.  At my tolerence level,  I could take 100 of those pills and feel no angelsia and the aceto in them would have tortured my liver.

This post is from SuboxoneDoc about sugery.  It’s a great read for anyone on Suboxone, whether you are facing surgery or just worried about the possibility some day! Thankfully the doctor doing the sugery in this blog entry was willing to take advice from a doctor who treats Suboxone patients.  Many doctors become insulted when you “question” their expertise in ANY area!

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