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Newport, Corinna Eye Clinic Zones


By Sharon Kiley Mack

December 23, 2008 Newport, Maine – Although there have been no applications in either community to locate methadone clinics there, both Newport and Corinna are working to set up regulations detailing their location and appearance.

Both towns have enacted moratoriums on methadone clinics to buy some time to create zoning ordinances.

Last week Newport Planning Board members met with attorney Ed Bearor to take a close look at the details.

Code Enforcement Officer Fred Hickey said Monday there are federal laws protecting such clinics. Although they may be controversial, each town must designate a preferred location.

“We’ve been going over our ordinances,” Hickey said. “Ed filled us in on what we could and couldn’t do. We are really just being proactive.”

Hickey said the planning board would come up with amendments to town zoning ordinances that will spell out where clinics may be located. He said no decisions have been made about which zones will allow clinics.

A similar process is under way in Corinna.

Town clerk Michelle Dumoulin said Monday that Corinna also has a moratorium and is reviewing the town’s land use ordinances for revision.

Both communities plan to bring new ordinance language before the voters at the annual town meeting in March.

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