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Picture This Dose Of Reality For The Methadone “Clinic”

This article is horrible!!!!!  I warned you….


Ever since it was announced that Spectrum Health Services was targeting Southbridge (Massachusetts) for it’s newest dope dependency unit (DDU) in Southbridge, due to our “high” number of heroin users, as well as those in the surrounding towns, I’ve tried to reach their CEO, Charles J. Feris, according to officials in Southbridge, will not meet with anybody in town.

Well, let e clarify that. He doesn’t feel he needs to meet with anybody, and if anybody dares to raise a voice to him or opposition to his DDU, he has made it known he will storm off, one can presume, jump up and down like a three-year-old throwing a temper tantrum.

From Chuck’s President’s message:

“Clients in substance abuse treatment and contractors of these services are no different. They expect quality services for their investment and/or the expenditure of taxpayer and donor dollars.”

You read that right, “quality investment (forever)? and/or the expenditure of taxpayers AND DONOR DOLLARS. “Don’t think for a moment that as a taxpayer, you’re not funding this.”

Non-profit my Spectrum

Let’s be straight about one thing: medication (Methadone) is NOT education. The BS excuse that Chuck is using regards the Dover Amendment, which was in place when the Kennedy-Donovan-Center was there, but KDC was actually providing real treatment to real patients.

Not dope dependents that are meant to become hooked on methadone instead of heroin.

But Chuck doesn’t fell that providing a list of education and counseling that is provided at this “facility” is necessary or required. He and Spectrum are apparently above it all.

Check out their track record. It’s fear of lawsuits and intimidation, and the threat of violations of Americans with Disabilities Act.

Here’s some news for you, Chuck, it’s not a disability, it’s a choice. And it’s one that, with methadone, you’re damn well going to see isn’t cured anytime soon. That’s not the mission.

Too much profit for this “non-profit” to actually do a successful job and get the hell out of town. Just look at Milford and it’s more than ten-year record. Ten-years? Making a lot of progress there with the education. Chuck?

Why are you afraid of meeting the people of Southbridge? Because the people of Southbridge will tell you where you and Spectrum should really go?

You think because there is another facility nearby providing counseling that THIS covers you and our efforts to make as much profit as you can? Think again.

This facility is specifically zoned under the Dover Amendment. So where are the education and counseling guidelines, so we can see how you are going to educate them?  If it’s all on the up and up, share it with us. What up, Chuck?

Well, Chuck, you’ve encouraged me to do something.

I saw Assemblyman from Harlem last week on TV, faced with a similar problem, s strip joint, who’s doing the same thing I’m going to do, to shame people into not going to the strip club. The same can be applied to your facility.

I just bought the website, www.MethadoneShots.com. It’s kind of like Glamour Shots, without the Glamour.

I’ll start building the website this weekend. I will work within the law to make sure that I am on public property, with a telephoto lens, to take pictures of those people that are going to your facility.

Should this discourage them from going to treatment, so be it. In the spirit of Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr., it’s a completely non-violent approach. You have left the people of Southbridge no other choice. We could walk and picket, but that gets old fast.

Hey-hey, ho-ho, stupid chants have got to go!

At least my approach provides some education whereby yours provides none. from what we can see.

Check it out, Chuck. It’s legal. I’m sure that people that want privacy won’t want to be featured as visitors to your facility.

Outlandish? Hardly, compared to what you’re trying to do to this town, without so much as an explanation as to your “education.”

Here’s a suggestion for you:

Buy a bus and send your dope dependent patients to Milford.

Enough is enough! The town of Southbridge will no longer stand idle, and allow itself to become the dumping ground for every bad idea that people can dream up in this state.

We’re the “Eye of the Commonwealth,” not the “Black Eye of the Commonwealth.”

And we’re going to make sure that it stays that way.

This blog is written by the same person who wrote the article above.

You’re  A Blockhead, Charlie Brown!


I wrote  a piece called “Picture This Dose Of Reality For The Methadone Clinic.”

When I wrote it, I was upset with Spectrum Health Services for their lack of response to the town of Southbridge, and their unwillingness to explain anything to the people of this town, including what is the educational aspect of their treatment?

What a difference a week makes.

I received hundreds of emails from across the country, as well as Sweden, Germany and Italy, to name a few of the international locations that got a hold of this blog entry.

Truth be told, I broke a rule that I try to stick to on a frequent basis: never write something when you’re angry or, write it, sleep on it, and then come back to it later to see if it’s really well thought out.

I’ll be the first to admit that my idea of taking pictures of people going into the clinic sounded good at first, but then someone from a Methadone treatment blog got in touch with me and made several good points.

I was asked if I would do the same to someone walking onto AA or NA? That made me think, and very quickly I realized that my own idea was – well stupid.

The human face on addiction was something that I wasn’t taking into consideration. I wanted to do whatever I could to see Spectrum be forced to explain their actions, but the end didn’t justify the means.

I had a number of similar comments from people, 99% of them positive and thought provoking.

For the few that were hateful, I actually understood. You write something that’s not a good thing, people will respond.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a chance to watch the Peanuts on DVD, and realized that on this issue, I was Charlie Brown.

In other words, I was a blockhead.

I’ve since communicated with a number of the people that have contacted me, and I’ve been candid in saying that I still have concerns over the clinic and Spectrum’s unwillingness to meet.

One person from the Methadone blog even tried to get in touch with Faris to get him to meet with us, and he met with the same failure as the rest of us.

Most of the people I spoke to from the Methadone blog believe that Spectrum has a responsibility to speak to the town.

That speaks loud and clear to me. I hope it does the same for Spectrum as well.

As for the people I’ve gotten to know, they woke me up to several facts, not the least of which is don’t blame the addict for the failure of a clinic to act professionally.

I was brought up to not be ashamed to state when you are wrong, which is why I’m writing this today.

I was wrong.

And for my not seeing that initially, I’m sorry.

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