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Lawmaker Vows To Address Drug DUI

This is definitely NOT a good thing!!!!


Phoenix – Lawmakers vowed Tuesday to address the issue of driving under the influence of methadone.

After watching a 5 investigates video about the dangerous combination of driving and the drug, Arizona state Se. Jim Waring said he would bring the issue in front of the state Legislature in 2009.

“There possibly is a loophole (in the law) regarding methadone, and I’d certainly be happy to address it,” he said.

The loophole? Driving under the influence of methadone is legal if the driver has a prescription, however, it is illegal to drive while impaired.

“I certainly think we could make it harder to get methadone,” Waring said. “We could certainly make it come down tougher on people who cause accidents under the influence.”

Methadone is most commonly known as a drug used to treat heroin addiction; however, it is also used to treat extreme pain.

According to Dr. Jeff Bucholz, a pain specialist, one milligram of methadone is about equal in strength to one Vicodin tablet. The smallest dose available is five milligrams, and clinics typically prescribe between 10 and 300 milligrams per dose.

“Patients are not aware their reflexes may be slower after taking the drug,” Bucholz said.

After viewing the video, state Sen. Linda Gray and lawmaker Kyrsten Sinema also said they would consider the issue during the next legislative session.

The 5 investigates video told the story of five cheerleaders whose car was hit head-on by a driver who had taken methadone. They were seriously injured.

“I hear those stories all too often, and it’s really painful,” Waring said. “We need to do something about it.”

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