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Mothers, Methadone And Healthy Babies


I think this is just great! You wouldn’t believe the people I talk to that think methadone is just the worst thing in the world to be on when your pregnant. They think illicit drugs are a better alternative! Yeah…

A prospective study just published in J Subst Ab Level determined that “babies conceived on methadone were significantly less likely to test positive for illicit drugs at delivery compared with babies conceived off methadone. Methadone exposure during the entire gestational period was associated with better drug treatment outcomes, but was not associated with more severe neonatal abstinence.” The mothers treated throughout pregnancy received an average daily dose of methadone of 110 mg.

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  1. October 4, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    Imagine this! When they say babies delivered on methadone have less a chance of testing positive for illicit drugs than babies not on it…that doesn’t just mean babies of KNOWN drug addicts. That means out of EVERY MOM and BABY tested for drugs, mothers taking methadone have the LEAST amount of illicit drug use!

    Illicit drugs are filled with poisons which can include: heavy metals, household and industrial cleaning agents, viruses, bacteria and fungus! How can anyone compare the use of methadone to exposing a child to those things?

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