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Bangor council sets limits on methadone clinic – Bangor Daily News

Bangor council sets limits on methadone clinic – Bangor Daily News.

They are just doing it “for our own good”…………I want to see clinics better spread out more than anyone–however Bangor City Council can pretend to be doing this so the state will step up to the plate–but we all know they wouldn’t have even cared if too many Proctologists were in Bangor and not the rest of the state.  They say “we are against these ordinances that go against the ADA” but then enacted their OWN illegal ordinance?  They think that will HELP?  I want to believe it will-but this REEKS of prejudice.  If it gets clinics estabilished where they are needed I will be the first one to shake the hands of these counsilors.

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  1. August 27, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    Kris thank you so much for trying! This one particularly bothers me because they are using one of ARM-ME’s biggest concerns (getting patients treated closer to home) as a REASON for this discrimination. They are all very careful not to say anything against clinics or patients–and are pretending they are doing this FOR US. If this works out in our favor that is wonderful–I just don’t see how making an ordinance to zone out new clinics is going to STOP other towns from “zoning out new clinics”!

    Bangor city council says “they’ve done their part” in treating opioid addiction. How is that exactly–because they were kind enough to FOLLOW THE LAW and allow clinics?

    Would they care if people were traveling to Bangor to go to NA meetings?

  2. August 27, 2008 at 10:31 am

    I was deeply disappointed as I have fought so hard against this. I had the undying support of Hal Wheeler who voted just as he promised but was betrayed by a couple of the other voters who had promised to vote with him. Mr. Stone can say what he wants but he can’t deny the fact that he stated publicly “I don’t want Bangor to become a dumping ground for Methadone Clinics”. As well as his concern for the safety of the children of the area. Nonsense. I get so tired of hearing how we pose a danger to children. I (like most MMT patients) am a mother and soon to be a grandmother. I have worked in schools and day-cares and can tell you there is a much greater need to worry for the safety of those who are not being treated or unsuccessfully treated than there is for MMT parents. Since beginning MMT my son has told me what a wonderful mother I have been because my addiction prevented me from it. Go suck an egg Mr. Stone! LOL

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