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Methadone Methodology

Methadone Methodology.

What a load of crap!


I don’t think this editorial has taken into consideration the SMALL part the Office of Substance Abuse (OSA) has in siting clinics.  The Editorial asks for more input from the state on where the clinics are located.  However, if OSA had the power to do this, we would already have all the clinics we need in this state, strategically located where they are needed the most.

Methadone clinics (like pharmacies, Doctor’s offices and small substance abuse counseling agencies) are private medical facilities.  They make a living helping people. Each of these facilities is also a business that needs to patients to survive.

Therefore, there is no reason for the OSA to find out where clinics are needed or use an extensive “certificate of need” process.  The clinics do this research AT THEIR EXPENSE, because they have no desire to open where they aren’t needed.

If this editorial is correct and the current situation with Bangor clinics is that they aren’t at full capacity, I can’t imagine why Bangor City Council is even fretting so much about this problem?  A clinic may have been LOOKING INTO moving to Bangor, but that just means they TOO are seeing if the need is being met and if they can “make a go of it”.  With three clinics not at capacity I don’t see a fourth making the jump only to go under in a year or two due to lack of patients.  If there was a clinic looking to locate in Bangor, I am sure once they looked the numbers they would have changed their minds.

For that matter, if Bangor City Council members were really JUST concerned about “the patients” and the need to have clinics elsewhere “for the patients” and “they just want to share the burden”…then where have these members been when other towns have been creating ILLEGAL ordinances that are keeping clinics out of towns/cities where they are really needed.

If the concern is to get people treated close to home and with less burden on Bangor these members should be concentrating on making other towns step up to the plate-instead of concentrating so much energy on doing exactly what they are accusing these other towns of doing: making it more difficult for patients to get the treatment they need and deserve.

Kristan Hilchey
Advocates for Recovery through Medicine-Maine Chapter

  1. March 19, 2011 at 12:16 am

    This is very interesting information – thank you for posting.

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