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Bangor: Council seeks methadone limits

Bangor: Council seeks methadone limits.

Sorry for the similar posts.  I like this one better, so I posted it.


“”Among his concerns are the potential demands on city resources, including subsidized housing and other public assistance programs”””

So this councilor is proposing this irrational ordinance because of POTENTIAL (not actual, but POTENTIAL) problems with subsidized housing and public assistance?  I thought city counselors were supposed to act on fact, not prejudice?

This article and the editorial in BDN today clearly states that many of the patients utilizing the clinics in Bangor DON’T EVEN LIVE IN BANGOR, so how is it again that these resources are being used in Bangor?  Wouldn’t HOUSING AND WELFARE be used in the town these folks traveled from?

The city council needs to consider their real motives in this situation.  If their motives are as genuine as they claim, then they should be going to these other needing clinics showing them how successful Bangor’s clinics have been….instead they have decided to add fuel to the fire by perpetuating the irrational fear of clinics by writing MORE discriminating ordinances!!- Not to mention lending to the idea that this sort of discrimination is ACCEPTABLE.

Sadder still, they are discriminating without any evidence that it is warranted.

If Bangor is really concerned with helping clinics located more appropriately, why not consider showing other towns how successful their clinics have been-rather than adding to the hysteria surrounding clinics with unfounded claims that make no sense when one examines it closely?

Kristan Hilchey

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