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Recovery Month

I want to talk a little about Recovery Month.   I think a lot of people in Medication Assisted Treatment believe they don’t “belong” or shouldn’t participate in these types of activities.  Many of us believe that our recovery isn’t the “same” as the recovery of a person not using MAT.

What we have to remember is that it is a rare person in todays world that doesn’t utilize medication for SOME disease or illness.  It is also rare to meet someone in recovery from any addiction that doesn’t use some type of medication (anti-depressants, sleeping pills, numerous vitamins) to treat the symptoms of addiction like dysphoria and depression and craving….. Or that doesn’t use drugs like nicotine or caffeine to calm their cravings for the drugs they really want or give thier shaky hands something to hold on to.

Everyone’s recovery is their own to define.  For instance, my recovery isn’t about my “clean time” or how much counseling I attend.  I define my recovery very simply with two criteria: how much of my life am I having to rationalize? and Are the symptoms of my addiction intefering in the  life I wish to lead in any significant way?

Recovery Month is about all of us affected by addiction coming together and hearing the hope in one anothers stories.  It’s about listening and being heard.

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