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: Women face charges in pharmaceutical death

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Methadone and Benzo’s do NOT mix.  Thankfully, the Maine Office of Substance Abuse made this statement (and  a campaign to educate people to match) many years ago in Maine.  The result?  Deaths due to overdose involving methadone have GONE DOWN for two years in a row in Maine.

Unfortunately, as Doctors became scared of using Oxycontin because of mass media reports and pressure from the DEA and insurance companies…methadone was cheaper and suddenly it became a “good” drug to use for chronic pain patients.  This led to more methadone on the streets…not because addicts truly wanted to use methadone, but because they had no alternative.  Addicts soon figured out that although methadone was not the high they seeked, if they mixed it with alcohol or benzos they would get close to the high they craved.  This led to many people overdosing unintentionally.

One thing that never fails to suprise me is how quickly addicts (whom society views as the weakest and the lowest rung on the ladder of life) figure out how to get what they “need”.  We are a very smart group of people.  I liken it to someone lost in the woods starving–eventually, if you get hungry enough, you figure out a way to feed yourself.  Even if it’s bugs and plants you wouldn’t ordinarily eat.  ADDICTS FIND A WAY TO GET THROUGH.

Now back to this story.  A woman is charged with providing an addict with pharmacetical drugs and charged with his death as a result.  So who is really to blame in this situation?  The woman who knowingly broke the law and provided someone she knew was going to abuse a drug WITH THAT DRUG?  The addict who bought the drug knowing full well that it could kill him, and yet decided to take it anyway?  We don’t charge the local liquer store with manslaughter when someone goes home to drink themselves to death, and we certainly don’t blame the alcoholic who’s compulsion to use alcohol was so great they literally had no control over their use.

No the real blame lies in addiction, in my humble opinion.  That should be our enemy…yet we continue to focus on the things we will never be able to change.

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